St. William the Abbot

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St. William the Abbot RC Church
2000 Jackson Ave.
Seaford, New York 11783
Phone: (516) 785-1266
Fax: (516) 785-4824
St. William the Abbot School
2001 Jackson Ave.
Seaford, New York 11783
Phone: (516) 785-6784
Fax: (516) 785-2752

Pastoral Staff

Rev. Robert L. Hayden Pastor
Rev. Ryszard Ficek Associate Pastor
Rev. K.J. Augustine Associate Pastor
Rev. Richard Viladesau In Residence
Dcn. John Lynch Parish Deacon
Dcn. Michael Metzdorff Parish Deacon
Dcn. Thomas Buchenberger Parish Deacon
Sr. JoAnn Bonauro, S.C. Pastoral Associate

Parish Office

Phone: (516) 785-1266

Fax: (516) 785-4824

Sue McCormick Office Manager
Susan Valdez-LeGoff Parish Receptionist
Catherine Federici Parish Receptionist

St. William the Abbot School

Phone: (516) 785-6784

Fax: (516) 785-2752

Margaret Grimaldi School Principal

Religious Education

Phone: (516) 679-9558

Fax: (516) 679-1649

Laura Walsh Director
Grades K-5
Sr. JoAnn Bonauro Director
Grades 6-8

Music Ministries

Phone: (516) 781-3253

Fax: (516) 679-1083

Alfred Allongo Director of Music/Organist
Matthew Georgetti Asst. Director of Music/Cantor
Louise Sewall Folk Group Director

Social Ministry

Phone: (516) 679-8532

Fax: (516) 679-1083

Rosemary Graziano Director of Social Ministries

Youth Ministry

Phone: (516) 785-1266

Gina Drost Director of Youth Ministry

Grounds & Maintenance

Joe Mormon Head of Maintenance


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