St. William the Abbot

Hold the Date

As we begin a New Year and Liturgical calendar (from Advent), Fr. Bob and Sr. JoAnn would like all of our Liturgical Ministers to come to their respective meeting.

Both the Lectors and EM’s meetings will be held in The Church and start promptly at 7:15pm. The meetings will take place simultaneously; one with Fr. Bob and one with Sr. JoAnn. If you are a Lector and EM, you need to stay for both meetings. At 8:15pm, these meetings will be given again for those that need to go to both and/or for those that can’t make the 7:15pm, it gives you an alternate to get here for either the 7:15pm or the 8:15pm meeting.

Again, the meetings will be held on Tuesday, February 3 and Thursday, February 12. Please call the Office of Faith Formation (Religious Education) at (516) 679-9558 to let them know which meeting you will be attending. Please check the Church Bulletin for the hours the office is open. You only need to go to one meeting on either given day.

Remember, it is essential that you attend as new procedures will be explained.

Thank you very much.

Diane Clemente


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